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Obsessive Pimple Popping Can Be Controlled!

Our many choices we make on a daily basis effect the level of zits we get while our psychological state of mind determines how we deal with that acne.

obsessive pimple popping

By living a life that is aware of the ramifications of lifestyle choices like our diet and also by confronting our obsessive compulsive tendencies we can help both our skin and our state of mind.

Being aware of these behaviors doesn't necessarily mean you are cured, but it can go a long way in managing the situation.

The obsessive act of popping pimples is rooted in our anxiety which triggers our pimple popping. By understanding that our anxiety is the root issue we can attempt to lessen our anxiety levels and therefore possibly reduce our wanting to obsessively pop pimples.

Lack of sleep, stimulants, marijuana, and other drugs can exacerbate our anxiety levels which can further push our obsessive compulsive issues further past our control.

If we are experiencing issues with OCD in other areas in our lives we may want to see a doctor to help us treat our issues.

One over the counter supplement that has been studied for OCD is NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) which is also actually a potent force against acne which is why it is included in the best pill for acne control.

Unfortunately we are raised ignorant to the facts about what causes breakouts and also how we can best treat them. As we grow up we love to eat sweets but fail to see the ramifications these foods can have on our bodies.

Sugar has a negative effect on our blood sugar levels that thereby increases androgen levels which increases the amount of oil (sebum) in our skin.

Once we have elevated levels of oil in our skin it increases the likelihood of the infection we know as acne.

Other lifestyle issues that we can change to better our skin are more obvious like keeping ourselves clean, but also taking a potent acne remedies that really work can go a long way as well.

We often want immediate results to the problems we have in our lives, but just like with other issues in our lives acne is best fought as preventative measure and not as one we react to after having issues breakout.

One last preventive measure I'd like to share with you is to take Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis either as a 1oz shot or from a tablet supplement.

Apple Cider Vinegar can help keep androgen side effects related to our blood sugar levels at bay, therefore helping prevent breakouts.

If we stop our acne breakouts from occurring at all it allows us not even worry about obsessively popping pimples because it eliminates the root of the problem at hand.

Preventing pimples though is not an overnight process and is dependent on the many different behaviors we partake in on a daily basis.

Once we get this acne we need to realize that the anxiety that it is causing us is wanting us to participate in an obsessive compulsive manner.

With this awareness is the beginning of a more manageable situation for us going forward.

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