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Why Does My Face Get Red and Hot? | Acne Rosacea Treatment

Why is my face so hot?

Many people experience redness on their face and do not know why. This redness is called rosacea which is characterized by small red bumps called pustules which are not pimples. It occurs when blood vessels in the face become enlarged which makes the cheeks and nose look red or flushed.

You can recognize symptoms of it if you experience a burning or stinging feeling in the face or if you have a tendency to flush easily.

In order to reduce redness in our complexion, we first need to know what the causes of this redness are. There are many causes including:

  • alcohol

  • spicy foods

  • coffee

  • strenuous exercise

  • extreme temperatures

  • chronic stress

  • sunlight

Unfortunately there is no actual cure for this type of inflammation, but it can be managed by living a healthy lifestyle and by the use of medications if necessary.

To avoid triggers that can worsen it make sure to apply sunscreen even during the winter, use products that are labeled hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, or nonacnegenic as they are less likely to irritate your skin or make acne worse, and manage stress. There is no way to tell if it can get worse with age which why it is important to manage these triggers to avoid our skin getting red.

Following an anti-inflammatory diet including omega-3s and fresh foods will help reduce this condition as well as other areas that experience burning and inflammation. Taking supplements such as fish oil, krill oil, and evening primrose oil will also help reduce symptoms.

As a rosacea sufferer myself, I have come to find that apple cider vinegar is the best treatment for reducing rosacea. I pour a little bit of ACV on a cotton pad and dilute it with water then apply it to my skin. Within a couple of hours the redness subsides.

At first I experienced blotchiness from applying the apple cider vinegar to my face, but I realized I just had to play around with the dose in order to avoid the blotchiness.

I encourage everyone to find out what works best for their skin type as other medications may be a better fit to help control rosacea.

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